Samsung Galaxy S23 will be compatible with this iPhone 14 feature

This iPhone 14 feature is anticipated to work with the Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 flagship series has been the subject of various speculations and leaks, and it will be released in the near future. The most recent one implies that satellite connectivity, one of the key features of the iPhone 14, will be present on Galaxy S23 phones. To learn more, see the details below.

Samsung is reportedly exploring using satellite connectivity for its future Galaxy S23 series, according to a report by The Elec. The most recent iPhone 14 models and even Huawei’s Mate 50 phones currently support the feature.

Samsung is anticipated to collaborate with Iridium, a business that offers communication services in space using 66 low-orbit communication satellites. On the other hand, Apple and Globalstar worked together on this.

For those who are unaware, satellite communications allow users to communicate with others in an emergency when there is no or a weak network. It’s anticipated that Samsung’s solution will include the ability to send messages and small photos (at hundreds of kbps). This can be made possible by employing a tiny antenna for speech and high-speed data connectivity (a difficulty for now). Including one in a smartphone appears to be a problem that Samsung has overcome.

If implemented, Samsung may ultimately make the capability far more practical and readily available. It will be interesting to see if this information turns out to be accurate and if Samsung improves the functionality.

A better in-display fingerprint scanner, potentially based on Qualcomm’s new 3D Soni Gen 3 sensor, is also rumoured to be included in the Galaxy S23 phones. The gadgets might possibly be Wi-Fi 7 compatible.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is anticipated to go on sale on February 17, which is earlier than normal, during the first week of February. The newest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset is anticipated to be included in the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra. A modified and improved version is suggested by rumours. The 200MP main camera on the S23 Ultra might also use an ISOCELL HP1 sensor, and other camera improvements are anticipated for the remaining members of the series as well. More changes to the design, longer battery life, a potential Light mode to conserve charge, and other things are also anticipated.

It would be wise to wait for some official information since these rumours shouldn’t be taken as fact. When anything significant happens, we’ll let you know. Keep an eye out for updates, and let us know what you think about the Galaxy S23 series’ capability for satellite connectivity in the comments section below.

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